Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wing Chun Facts – Is This One Of The Best Martial Arts Styles?

Wing Chun is a relative new martial art styles in the western world, not much was known about it until the beginning of the twentieth century. In the east however it was fast becoming one of the most popular martial arts styles practiced of all time. When children first start to learn the art of martial arts in Japan it is always Wing Chun that they begin with.

The big theme in this particular martial art is that you must use force to counter force. This way a weaker fighter can overcome a much stronger and bigger opponent. The difference between a Wing Chun student and a Taekwondo student is that the Wing Chun student will think strategically before they make their move. Even a eighty year old student could take out a big burly man more than half his age when using Wing Chun correctly.

It also teaches the student techniques such as kicking, punching and some grappling also. This is predominately not a martial arts which involves grappling though as its strap-line is force to counter force. The strikes used have one aim in mind which is attack vital areas of the body to take them out quickly, such as pressure points.

Wing Chun teaches the student to protect your vital areas on your body along the centre line. This is paramount in battle, if you aim even one powerful blow to the centre line you will take out your opponent with ease. This is where all the action and movement take place. Your teacher will guide you on how it is most important to spend the majority of your time in directing your attack and opposing force on the centre line.

Quite frankly Wing Chun is up there as one of the greatest martial arts styles of our time. Some would argue that it is not a ‘complete’ martial art compared to say Karate due to its limiting amount of moves. Wing Chun is made of Kung Fu which again is more of an all encompassing martial art which uses Wing Chun but also builds upon in with other influences from Chinese martial arts. If you just want some good decent self-defence though then Wing Chun will certainly be enough for your needs as it will perfectly demonstrate how you can handle yourself in any kind of confrontation. After all Bruce Lee started with this martial art when he was just a boy and look what he turned into!

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